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Thai Recipe: Khao Nieow Ma Muang

Sticky Rice with Mango is on of the most famous desserts from Thailand. It comes with sweet rice, a coconut sauce and delicious fruit. This is best eaten with yellow Thai mangoes but if they are not available you can try it with other fruits. I often use black rice, its healthier, it gives a nice color and has a nutty taste but you can also use white sticky rice.

Preperation: 10 minutes
Servings:  3
Cooking: 80 minutes
Category: Vegetarian
Total: 90 minutes
Cuisine: Thai


  • 1 cup Thai Sticky Rice black (soaked for about 8 hours)
  • 1-2 tbsp (Palm) Sugar
  • 2 -3 yellow Mangoes
  • 200 ml Coconut Milk
  • A pinch of Salt


  1. Steam the Sticky Rice until its tender. For black rice about 60 minutes. You can use any steaming method but the rice should not touch the boiling water.
  2. Start shortly before the Rice is finished: Bring 1/2 cup of Water with the sugar to boil and simmer until the sugar is dissolved. If you use Palm Sugar the sauce becomes slightly brown but tastes better.
  3. Add 200 ml Coconut milk and a pinch of salt, mix and heat but do mot bring to boil.
  4. Add about half of the coconut sauce to the rice, mix and let it rest for about 20 minutes.
  5. Peel and cut the Mangoes and serve them with sticky rice and a bit of the coconut sauce.

Date: 14. January 2016

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